Apparently, I am a big liar. The past three times I have committed to post regularly again, not only have I neglected to do so, but I have disappeared for months on end. I am not a big fan of liars, or those who have a hard time committing to challenges so I cannot accept being one myself.

My self identity is askew, but I will not let it get me down.

Ugly Judo

At the end of last month Ugly Judo 101: Morote Gari was released to the public. If you haven’t purchased a copy yet, please go and check it out. It is the most comprehensive tutorial on the double to date and includes some tips and tricks that will allow you to execute Morote Gari when you were not able to before.

I myself have not practiced in weeks. I am starting to think my judo career as a competitor is over having been forced into retirement by financial burden. I miss the contact but have been enjoying exercising for other reasons than training.


My daily schedule is exhausting, and despite craving physical contact I have not been able to conjure up the energy or passion to make it to BJJ or judo practice. On a positive note, I have finally taken responsibility for my finances and am making some headway. By some, I mean very little, but I feel better daily.

As it is, I cannot predict when I will be able to return to class. It has almost lost its tangibility. A great change would have to take place in my life for it to take place within a year.

To be optimistic, that may very well happen. I have to be the luckiest person on the planet. Over the past few months my life has been as interesting as it has ever been. Meeting new people and experiencing the most random and exciting things.

Everyday something has changed for the better. I will choose to keep these things private for now, but soon enough…


The things that bother me the most in life… I try to live as independently as possible. When I speak about independence, I am not talking financially, I am talking emotionally. I try my best not to let others actions effect my emotions and effectively, my actions and decisions, but like most, I have my moments and areas of weakness.

The thing which I noticed this week that I had to consciously control my response to is those situations where individuals make decisions about a particular topic without having enough information to make such a decision.

A couple incidents have showed me how much I despise short sighted thought and apparent lack of objectivity and awareness. I am not saying I am the most aware, although I do pride myself on being exceptional. All too often others just don’t take the time or have the patience to consider all factors that play a role.

Do us all a favor and relax.

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  1. AnnMaria says:

    You can take the independence thing too far. Some people matter. Just make sure they are the right people for you.

    As far as certain individuals, don’t worry about them. As my friend Bruce Toups says, “You can’t fix stupid.”

    No matter what happens, you’ll still be you and they’ll still be stupid. Remembering that is enough to stay calm in most situations.

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