Reality Strikes


I had a little accident in the gym a couple weeks ago and dropped a weight on my foot. These things happen. Funny thing is I had never injured myself while training. It hurt a lot, and I thought it could have been broken, but stupidly I did not go to the hospital.

I worked out the next day. Weeks later, it still hurts but is almost 100%. The one thing I could not do was run. It was too painful and I felt like if I started running, it would never heal. So, I could not begin training for my marathon, and had to postpone, not cancel.

I must find a new date and location to shoot for. The NYC Marathon is now out of the question. I am OK with that though. It isn’t going anywhere.


I love my job. I was recently reminiscing about all of the different types of jobs I have had in the past. I have worked as an exterminator, a Lab Supervisor in a Writing Center, Home Depot Sales Associate, and a Computer Technician. Of all of my jobs, I enjoy this one the most.

I meet new people everyday. I enjoy motivating others, and helping people reach their fitness goals. The tough part though is dealing with the emotional roller coaster of dealing with so many different personalities and their emotional state through a session. But because it is challenging, I enjoy it.

It is very time consuming though and has made it difficult to maintain my blog and get Ugly Judo 102: Kata Garuma out to you all. I have decided to take weekends off now to help balance my life. I don’t sleep much as it is. 4 am wake ups leave me with an average of four hours of sleep every night.

That being said, I am getting better on staying up to date with my responsibilities. Ugly Judo 102: Kata Garuma is coming soon, but Ugly Judo 101: Morote Gari is here now. Visit now to get your copy.


My life is so exciting. Something new and interesting happens to me everyday. I was watching Beyond The Rings last week. No I do not sit at home and watch myself. I put it on for a friend. I am envious of the person I used to be. I am no longer selfish, nor nearly as focused or motivated for any one thing. I want that back. I will have it.

If you don’t know what I mean, check it out for yourself.

Beyond The Rings

I am back to practice this week, I hope. I will let you know how it goes.

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  1. First of all Taraje, I’m glad you’re healing. I dropped a bottle of juice on my foot once, and that hurt like crazy. It had me down for a while. I can only imagine what it must have felt like dropping that weight on your foot. I sincerely hope you continue to get back to your old self. That’s your livelihood.

    As for the different personalities, I relate to that. Keep on doing what you can to help and try not to let it overwhelm you. You got it right, that helping them is where the joy is, and even with the frustrating aspect of it, it’s probably worth it in the end.

    Good luck and hope that you can get back to training full-time real soon.

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